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Maggie Ledbetter

April 3, 2019

Visit a collector who bought her contemporary Roscoe Village home because of a window that “provided back-up for one of my prized paintings.” Maggie has over 100 art works, and although she makes art herself, she sees her collection as her more serious art endeavor. Her collection includes oil and acrylic paintings, ink, graphite and marker drawings, collages, photographs and prints. She has several works by four of her favorite artists, painter Katherine Lee from Santa Fe, Filipino-American artist Florencio Yllana, now living in Brazil, Alfredo Zagaceta, a mystical painter from the Peruvian Amazon jungle and Thelonious Stokes, a young Chicagoan creating art about social justice.

Nicole Gordon

April 10, 2019

Delve into the vivid, richly detailed world of this artist in our visit to her lovely North Shore home. Her work recalls the “magic realism” movement of the 20th century in her realistic and impeccable style of painting imaginary people and objects. At first glance, Nicole’s paintings seem playful but a closer observation reveals darker stories. We’ll find out how the artist balances raising three young children with a very active life of creating and exhibiting work, and how family life contributes to her ideas.

Mary Bendix

April 17, 2019 (series registrants only)

Visit an intriguing artist and collector who has transformed her beautiful apartment in a Streeterville high rise building into a virtual installation work of art. Mary collects buttons, jewelry, feathers, beads, fabrics and manikins from estate sales to make extraordinary sculptures, boxes, fans and dolls, often with a feminist edge. She intersperses her sculptures with collections of outsider figurative sculptures, Haitian beaded banners and sophisticated narrative paintings. Her collection includes works by Roy De Forest, Ellen Lanyon, Lee Godie, Howard Finster, David Sandlin, Tony Fitzpatrick, Pedro Friedberger, Roger Brown , Hollis Sigler and Mary’s mother, Claire Prussian.

Corey Postiglione and Kathie Shaw

April 24, 2019

Explore the work of a married couple who share a studio in Ravenswood’s Deagan building. Corey Postiglione has pursued abstraction throughout his career, creating intellectually rigorous works inspired by late modernism. Diverging from modernism in its content, his art symbolizes issues in contemporary life. Trained in photography, painting and interior architecture, Kathie creates photographs and paintings that seek to juxtapose nature, the built environment and fleeting time. Corey will tell us how his work as an art professor and critic influenced his art, and Kathie will talk about her former experience as a gallerist.

Chicago Mosaic School

May 8, 2019

Find out how mosaics are created at this premier center for Mosaic arts education in the United States. Meet Karen Ami, the Founder and Executive Director of CMS, and a former President of the Society of Mosaic Artists. Having trained and studied in Italy, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mexico and Ireland, she will tell us how she brings her international interests to the center. In addition to visiting the workshop spaces, we’ll discuss an exhibit of mosaics in Gallery of Chicago Mosaic, and meet visiting artist Verdiano Marzi, a venerable Italian artist who leads annual workshops at the school.

Nancy and Sandy Richman

May 22, 2019

Delight in a charming collection of fine art and craft both indoors and outdoors at this lovely North Shore home. See a colorful and whimsical contemporary collection of artists reflecting Chicago and favorite vacation destinations spanning Mexico, Thailand, the Southwest and West Coast. The tranquil garden highlights colorful sculptures, lending an air of a more temperate climate. We’ll view enamel, beaded purses, Turkish saddle bags, ceramics, bronzes, mobiles, porcelain glass and paintings.

Nancy Rosen

May 29, 2019

If you’ve watched the delightful Netflix comedy, Grace and Frankie, you are familiar with this artist’s work. Frankie, played by Lily Tomlin, is a colorful artist creating beautiful large scale expressionistic paintings, mostly figurative, all of which are Nancy Rosen’s! We’ll investigate the different emotions portrayed in her richly layered, mixed media works on hand-made and exotic papers, linen and rice paper. We’ll find out about her artistic processes, and also how paintings by a nice girl from Chicago, became an important element of a Hollywood series, now in its fifth season.

Marcia Fraerman (series registrants only)

June 5, 2019

You won’t want to miss our season’s final visit to the lovely North Shore home and collection of Marcia and Tom Fraerman. Discover a diverse and fascinating interplay of art from different cultures including Oceanic art-masks, shields, totems, an Indian basket collection as well as works by contemporary artists, Roger Brown, Ruth Duckworth, Charles Gaines, Sarah Morris, Ken Fandell, Scott Reeder, Julia Dault, and Erin Hayden. They also have works collected by three generations of family members including Tom’s grandmother, internationally renowned fiber artist, Claire Zeisler, ceramicist and jewelry and bead-maker Joan Brinkly and host Marcia Fraerman, a painter whose studio resides in her beautiful home.

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