History & Mission

Founded in 1978
Art Encounter is a nonprofit visual art education organization founded in 1978 with the mission to bring an appreciation of art and the creative process to people of all ages and backgrounds. Our founders developed a unique interactive discussion method that helps people discover artistic concepts while sharing individual perceptions. We bring original art works and workshops to schools, residences for the elderly, and community centers. We also lead groups to museums, art galleries, and private collections to discuss works of art.


Art Encounter is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and empowering people of diverse ages and backgrounds through interactive explorations of visual art in public and private settings.

Art Encounter believes in the power of art to make people think. To that end we developed an interactive approach in discussing art that helps participants understand art in depth by sharing perceptions. With the belief that the best way to see art is first-hand, we bring people to art venues and “bring the museum” of original artworks to outreach locations serving the following audiences with:

  • Innovative art tours and a worldwide art travel program for all art enthusiasts. 
  • Creative workshops for public school students. 
  • Art-based social programs for seniors and multi-generational groups.
  • Tactile-centered workshops for the visually disabled. 
  • Communal critique sessions for artists. 


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