Expanding Visions Spring 2018

“Expand your visions” by meeting collectors and artists in their homes and studios
for insightful, interactive discussions with fellow arts enthusiasts.

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April 4, 2018
Open House Contemporary   
Enjoy a new art experience as we wind our way through Infinite Games 50/50, an exhibit in three luxury condominiums all in the same building.  Meet co-founder, artist and designer Matthew Kellen who developed this combined concept of award winning gallery and Airbnb, bringing artist John Preus to curate exhibits in each space.  Preus had acquired salvaged materials from 50 Chicago public schools that were closed.  He invited 50 artists to use these salvaged materials to create installations, objects, wall pieces, functional work, interventions, and off-site projects to address the social upheaval resulting from these school closures. By putting a community of artists and designers in contact with abandoned public materials, new dialogues and conversations have emerged encouraging more ambitious responses to these and other large-scale issues of social justice.

April 11, 2018
Vanessa Filley 
Meet an Evanston artist whose work has ranged from fiber art to photography.  She began working with fiber as a founder of a clothing company of one of kind wear from recycled fabrics.  Her work quickly evolved into a mixed media art practice ranging from large scale sculptural installations to tiny embroidery.  After years of taking pictures, she discovered that she could synthesize her art making in photographs, allowing her to design scenes, make costumes and conjure a certain sense of emotion and place. We’ll view different aspects of her art focusing on her photographs which evoke interesting narratives of time and place, and see how art-making and life merge in her lovely Victorian home.  

April 18, 2018
William Lieberman 
Investigate the art-filled home of gallerist William Lieberman, owner of the Zolla-Lieberman Gallery, and honoree for Art Encounter’s 40th anniversary gala celebration on May 6th.  William’s art is displayed floor to ceiling throughout his home, skillfully organized so that each work stands on its own. His collection features both large scale and smaller works by Chicago, national and international artists, mostly spanning  the 1980s until the present with many of artists represented by the gallery.  Among the artworks we’ll see are paintings by Susanne Doremus, Michael Nakoneczny, William Conger, David Kroll, Buzz Spector and Vernon Fisher, and sculpture by Deborah Butterfield, David Nash, Stephen deStaebler, John Buick and Jin Soo Kim.

April 25, 2018  
Gerda Meyer Bernstein
Encounter an artist who has chosen to confront issues of social justice in her work.  Over the years, Bernstein has created powerful, yet aesthetically sensitive installations and mixed media works that speak to the inhumanity of ethnic cleansing and racism in different countries and time periods.  Her work makes us bear witness to evil forces reminding us to never forget the horrors of the past and to find ways to make change. Although her subject matter is raw, the delicacy of her vision offers elements of light and hope.   The artist is a Holocaust survivor having been part of the Kindertransport , a series of rescue efforts bringing thousands of refugee children to Great Britain from Nazi Germany . In her 5,000 sq. ft. West Side loft studio, the artist will discuss her process in developing ideas for these moving artworks.
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May 9, 2018
Terry Karpowicz 
Connect with one of Chicago’s most prominent sculptors in his new, expansive South Side home and studio where his large-scale pieces are displayed both indoors and in his beautiful outdoor sculpture garden. Karpowicz’s practice is rooted in craftsmanship and the use of natural materials such as wood and granite.  He is drawn to minimal forms that interact with wind, water and sunlight.   This interaction between solid form and changing nature has continued to stimulate his mind since he was awarded a Fulbright-Hays scholarship in 1975 to study in Great Britain.  There he served as apprentice to the sole millwright for the government’s Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings.  Karpowicz has shown his work in Chicago, Mexico, Europe and the former Soviet Union. His large-scale public sculptures can be seen throughout Illinois.
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May 16, 2018
Linda Kramer 
It’s always interesting to see what artwork artists chooseto live with.  A painter, ceramicist and mixed media artist, Linda has an eclectic collection of work from different time periods in her home.  We’ll discuss wall to wall large-scale major works of Chicago artists Ed Paschke, Roger Brown, David Sharpe and Karl Wirsum from the early 1970s, Ed Garman from the mid 1940s Transcendental Painting Group and a series of WPA prints by Monty Lewis from the 1930s and 1940s.     We’ll also talk to Linda about life in Chicago after growing up in the home of California artists.

May 23, 2018
Candida Alvarez and Assaf Evron at Mana Contemporary   
Discover the studios of two outstanding Chicago artists.   Candida Alvarez has received acclamation with her recent 40 year retrospective show, “Here”, featuring 60 pieces of her artwork at the Chicago Cultural Center.  Her mostly layered and emotional works vary from messy to neat, and display a stunning array of styles from abstract pattern painting to figurative works to works suggesting spiritual magic.  Her figurative works reflect her Afro-Puerto Rican background.   Then we’ll meet with Israeli artist Assaf Evron who works in a variety of media including painting, sculpture, photography and sound to create conversations between disparate topics such as Giorgio de Chirico’s metaphysical paintings and science fiction movie props.  The artist speaks to recurrent themes in art history, popular culture and the history of ideas.
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June 6, 2018
Anita Nagler & Bob Moyer 
You will not want to miss a visit to this couple’s new penthouse home in the “Richelieu Flats” building, a reuse conversion of office to living space with individual apartments on each floor.  The collectors bought the building raw and worked with design team David MacKenzie and Eva Quateman along with architects Vincent Lynn & Lee LTD to do a complete buildout.  The Lake Michigan and city views are magnificent and art is everywhere including a sculpture on their 700 ft. terrace.   The collection is eclectic and includes renowned artists Louise Nevelson, Toulouse-Lautrec, William Gropper, William Kentridge, and Nicholas Africano, Soviet artists George Mazilu, Igor Kozlovsky and Marina Sharapova, and  Chicago artists Chuck Walker, Philip Hanson, Karl Wirsum and Dominick di Meo. Sculptures include work by Brian Baray, Fritz Olsen and G. Rangle.

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