For Senior Residences

Participant in “Hats Off to Art” program working on a painting

In our 40+ year history, we have served over 125 senior residencies and 6000 residents!

Our programs in senior homes bring creativity and connection to adults residing in assisted living facilities through hands-on projects and discussion of artworks from our professional collection. Through engagement with the arts, our workshops provide cognitive stimulation, motor coordination, and joy to seniors in the Chicago area with limited resources.

  • Making for Memory: Eight-week self-portrait workshop around themes of memory and reflection
  • Hats off to Art: Six-week creativity workshop in a variety of welcoming materials, ending in hats!
  • The Spirit of Art: One- to three-day discussion-based programs of our collection of professional artworks
  • Custom Programs: Art Encounter would love to work with you to create a custom program in your senior residence. Contact our Community Outreach Manager, Leslie Luning, at

    “I love that each and every individual is able to express him/herself in many different ways and levels, and it is all welcomed and encouraged.”

    -Mor Pissetzky, “Hats Off” participant