Havana, Cuba (March 14-22, 2013)

Art Encounter invites you to join artists Joanna Pinsky and Ellen Kamerling on a unique People to People trip that provides a rare insight into Cuba, a country on the verge of  change.  Art Encounter’s eleventh trip  to Havana explores Cuba’s artistic wealth through a lens that focuses on  history, architecture, music, art and dance. You will discover Cuba’s national  treasure – its people! Joanna and Ellen’s “art encounters” bring you together with Cuba’s creative community. You will have a unique opportunity to connect  with the people of a country caught in a time warp about to change.

Art Encounter leads trips to Cuba under an Educational Exchange license issued by the US Treasury Department.

Email artencounter@yahoo.com or call 847.328.9222 for trip brochure.

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