Look below for comments on the trips, tours and programs we run. We think you’ll find that the experiences we offer are unique and thrilling adventures into the world of art.

Art Tours

The discussion leader’s approach was unbelievably great. We learned so much about our art. She made the art come alive. Many people were involved and their discussion was above and beyond.

– Glorya Spero,  Highland Park, IL

For art lovers, Art Encounter trips are great ways to see art in depth with the artists and see the important highlights of the city and country visited

– Paula Addington, Argentina 2008 Participant

I think a lot of very intelligent people are very uncomfortable talking about art because they don’t have much background in it. I think that the kind of training that Joanna does gives people ways to ENTER the EXPERIENCE of looking and TRUSTING one’s own thoughts is invaluable to everyone involved.

– Julia Katz



I think this kind of program has the potential for not only educating collectors but also expanding the art market in the Chicago area…Exposing the public to the studio aspect of art-making provides them with insights not easily gleaned in a museum setting. It also provides a window into the artist’s world and the possibility of a better understanding of any given artist’s particular or unique vision. Isn’t this understanding or comprehension one of the corner stones of civilization?

James Mesple