Night Visions

Join us for our evening series of stimulating art discussion, wine, and refreshments, where we explore exceptional artist studios and unique collections within our hometown of Evanston. This program was formerly known as YOUTIME.

When: Thursday evenings, 7:30pm-9:00pm
Where: Exhibition spaces and artist studios throughout Evanston
Price: Art Encounter members $22 per program/$75 series of all four; non-members: $25 per program/$85 series of all four.

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to register.

Victoria Loeb, September 26, 2019

At the first program of the season, we’ll explore the expressive figurative work of Argentinian artist Victoria Loeb. Playing with unexpected perspective and partial figurative shapes, she creates intimate and haunting portraits on large canvases with gestural lines and washes of vibrant color. Victoria works in a modern loft studio alongside three other painters and three ceramic artists who we will visit as well, on an art-y street in West Evanston adjacent to a bold pair of abstract public murals.

Gista, Kaiser, Kovacic, and Von Kunhardt, November 21, 2019

Join us for this special progressive evening. We will visit the studios of four artists who make the Noyes Cultural Art Center their creative home: David Gista, Sarah Kaiser, Daniela Kovacic, and Juliane Von Kunhardt.  These exceptional painters from France, Chile, and Germany are working on themes of self-identity, the influence of literature, and relationships between humans and the natural world. Accompanying us will be our beloved mascot, the satiating Art Encounter snack wagon! Pictured: painting by David Gista

Kathy Halper, February 6, 2020

Balancing playful humor and poignant self-reflection, Kathy Halper continually re-invents herself. She explores issues of motherhood, social media, politics, and mid-life while creating narratives with imagery and text that ask layered questions about identity and the contemporary moment. We will visit her home studio for this third event of the series and see how her art practice informs her domestic life, and vice-versa.

Ben and Melissa Blount, April 23, 2020

Meet Ben and Melissa Blount, a husband-wife artist couple from Detroit who have made Evanston their home for the past five years. Ben is a letterpress printer and book and paper artist who explores questions of race, identity, and the stories we tell ourselves about living in America. Melissa, a psychologist and fiber artist, creates embroidered portraits and leads community quilt projects that bear witness to African American history, memory, and contemporary issues brought to light through the Black Lives Matter movement.